Robert Summers

Born in Southern California began to dream a dream. At 3 years old he knew he was different than his other friends. At 10 he began one of the largest bike paper routes in the area. He worked his route for the next four years. All the money he earned, he saved. Motorcycles were his passion and by saving Robert purchased his very own bike and learned to race. He knew if he wanted something bad enough he could achieve his wants and needs. At age 15 he bought his first car and joined a surf team. He began to strive to be the best by winning surf competitions. At 16 he worked at a design shop called Studio O. He was taught how to lay out designs and create graphics on signs, cars, motorcycles, trucks or what ever the client wanted. From 18 to 26, Robert entered into his modeling career. Modeling for companies like Leather Fair and Calvin Kline made him fall in love with the arts. He learned to choreograph fashion shows with fellow models and appeared in many different print, stage, and film videos.

As he grew, his talents grew and by the time he turned 30 he discovered he was an Inventor by experiencing an event that changed his life forever. He had a need and developed his need into a restraint system for your truck. The cargo net was shaped into a spider web. He called it “Bedd Webb” and created a company called Spidy Gear International. The company sold “Bedd Webb” all over the world, including stores such as Sears and Coast Co. Unfortunately, Robert got involved with two people that had different motives as to how they were to be successful and within 1 year the company filed for bankruptcy. Robert thought that was the end of his dream, but as time moved on, Robert knew he could not give up. Two years later during a walk with his dog, Robert got pulled to the ground as he had another vision. He needed another restraint system and called it “BunGee PupEE” The Expandable Dog Leash TM that works as a shock absorber. Should he take another risk?

Sometimes in life you need to be reminded who you really are in order to move forward. Robert tuned to Kelly Seylar who had big dreams of building a corporation and envisioned with him how to become a success. Robert named the company Spider Vision, Inc. and they built their vision creating a company of restraint systems.
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