Train Your Dog When You Have No Time

You need to train your dog, but can never find the time? There’s still one more “must have” item to add to your list. “Bun-Gee Pup-EE” The Expandable Dog Leash is a first step training tool and one of the more fun and functionally designed products to appear on the market today. Just as important, the Bun-Gee Pup-EE goes a long way when controlling your excited pup. Sound interesting? You bet! It’s the best new concept in dog leashes!
Now when you walk your pet, you can’t forget your expandable Dog Leash! As you encounter your dog’s pull, the Bun-Gee Pup-EE leash stretches and the resistance your pet experiences teaches them not to tug anymore, helping you to train your dog! Sometimes you don’t even realize the pain your current dog leash is inflicting on you and your pets. The main function of the Bun-Gee Pup-EE is to absorb the shock of a tug or pull relieving the tension your dog’s neck. Made from durable, fabric-covered shock cord, “Bun-Gee Pup-EE” The Expandable Dog Leash extends in a fashion that makes your walks fun.

Even if your dog doesn’t play tug-a-war, it still looks terrific and functions perfectly. Depending on the weight of your dog determines the size Bun-Gee Pup-EE needed. Available in an array of colors and four different sizes you are sure to have an easy walking experience.

For ordering information call (866) 546-6785 or send check or money order:

Bun-Gee Pup-EE Expandable Dog Leash,
P.O.Box 2120,
Friendswood, Texas 77546.

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