Dog training is not an exact science - no two dogs are the same and there is no such thing as a definitive training technique (ie one set of training steps that all dogs can learn from). It is almost impossible to label and group the different ways that dogs learn but here is a general guideline on how dogs think and learn.

By reading the different Groups you may be able to identify certain aspects in your dog's personality and how it learns. I hope to give you a better understanding about your dog and how you can tailor your dog's training program accordingly.

When a dog suddenly pulls or jerks on its ordinary lead, its body and throat are jarred by the unexpected tension. This can leave the dog with undiagnosed muscle and skeletal injuries which are aggravated every time this jerking occurs.

Not only does this jarring effect the dog, the handler can also have back, shoulder and arm injuries from the dog's sudden movement.

Bungee Pupee leads overcome this problem by acting like a shock absorber - reducing the likelihood of dogs or their owners hurting themselves if the dog pulls or jerks suddenly. It is a new and comfortable way to walk mans best friend.

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