Dog walking accessories decorate entire walls of pet supply stores. How do you know whether to select a buckle collar, nylon or chain training (choke) collar, prong collar, regular harness, no-pull harness, or the Bun-Gee Pup-EE? And should you accompany that with a four-foot or six-foot lead? What about retractable leads? To the innocent observer, this enormous variety of walking supplies indicates how challenging it is for many people to take a simple stroll with their dogs. Unless you are working closely with a dog trainer or behaviorist, or are quite experienced, training (choke-type) and prong collars are a poor idea.

To the inexperienced person, such devices (especially training collars) are difficult to use and often serve little purpose. If your dog is enrolled in a puppy kindergarten or dog obedience class, your teacher will help you choose the collar best suited to your particular dog and his walking habits. The most owner-friendly accessory for the untrained dog is the Bun-Gee Pup-EE. Once a dog is accustomed to wearing it, he will generally walk without pulling but if he does pull, the leash is sure to add comfort to both you and your pet. And, thankfully, they are humane and easy to use.

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